kicking1on1 head instructor coach mike macgillivray

kicking1on1 head instructor coach mike macgillivray

Founded in 2010 by USC Career Record Holder Mike MacGillivray, Kicking1on1 offers year round, private, personal kicking, punting, and snapping instruction.  

Kicking1on1's niche, focus, and specialization is two tiered: fundamental and technical private, personal, instruction and recruiting consultation reserved for students that have the desire, potential, or goal to pursue the kicking game at the collegiate level.

Every aspect of Kicking1on1's operations is personal, and we work with only as many students as we can appropriately accommodate to ensure each student receives the attention they deserve.  Although Kicking1on1 is blessed to have grown steadily over the last 5 years, our growth model remains proportional to our staff, who must have been Kicking1on1 students, and the maintenance of an appropriate student to coach ratio.  We value the relationships we have built with our students and their families, and our community is very much like family.




Kicking1on1's founding and formation stemmed from a design of fate.  After his career at USC, and after briefly coaching specialists at USC under Coach Pete Carroll in 2001 and his long tenure coaching as a counselor with The Kicking Game, Coach Mike intended to leave the coaching profession altogether to pursue kicking professionally in the NFL, as well as other interests in the private sector.  Although Coach Mike did not plan to return to coaching, a few years later, he was asked if he would give just one "tune up" private lesson to the nephew of a USC Alumnus.  That one private lesson turned into two, two lessons turned into more students, and Kicking1on1 was eventually founded and formed in 2010.

After returning to coaching, Coach Mike recognized a need within the industry for more enhanced fundamental and technical instruction coupled with a personal experience, much like the experience he was exposed to as a former student of The Kicking Game.  Coach Mike set a goal to create an organization that retained focus on fundamental, technical instruction, yet emphasized a personal touch.  Kicking1on1 is proud to say our feedback has been just that.


At Kicking1on1, we believe that the 1 on 1 private, personal lesson format affords our students the ideal atmosphere to learn, develop, progress, and thrive as kickers and punters.  Kicking1on1's private lessons focus on technical instruction, the development of muscle memory, mental aptitude in the kicking game, correct training regimen, and much more.  The techniques and methods employed by Kicking1on1 are supported by exhaustive research in bio-mechanics laboratories, field observation, and film analysis.  Many of the top NFL and collegiate kickers and punters utilize the same techniques Kicking1on1 teaches.  

While the majority of our instruction resides in the private lesson format, Kicking1on1 does host summer camps and a seasonal "Kicking1on1 Kicking Club" to foster camaraderie, encourage competition, and build relationships between our players in an instructional group setting.  We advocate that kickers and punters train together along with private instruction, and Kicking1on1 facilitates group training and fosters camaraderie through its camps and Kicking Club events.

Recruiting Consultation:

Kicking1on1 is proud to have helped place 80% of our senior players to major collegiate schools.  After building sound fundamentals and achieving some success in the kicking game, many of our students set goals to kick or punt at the collegiate level.  For our students that have the desire, potential, or goal to pursue the kicking game at the collegiate level, Kicking1on1 consults, in depth, on the recruiting process, and we walk hand in hand with our students and their families as the process unfolds.

Our recruiting consultation and process is highly effective, and its proper application has helped hundreds of kickers and punters achieve a tremendous amount of success in the recruiting process. 

Collegiate recruiting can be a complicated, harrowing, and confusing process for any athlete, and it is especially so for kickers and punters.  While the semantics behind collegiate recruiting have remained the same for years, the process is slightly different in the kicking game, and we help our players and families navigate through this process in the correct fashion.


Developing and cultivating successful kickers and punters, whether to simply improve on technique, have a great high school career, or kick or punt at the collegiate or NFL levels, requires continued support.  Supporting our students and being there for them, in any way possible, is a hallmark and essential part of our service, and we make ourselves open and available to our students off the field as well as on the field, anytime.