Private Kicking Lesson

Kicking1on1 specializes in private, personal, 1 on 1 lessons as we believe this format affords our students the ideal atmosphere to learn, develop, progress, and excel as kickers and punters.  

Our private lessons focus on technical instruction, the development of muscle memory, mental aptitude in the kicking game, correct training regimen, and cover all aspects of the kicking game: punting, kicking, kick-offs, and holding.  The techniques and methods employed by Kicking1on1 are supported by exhaustive research in bio-mechanics laboratories, field observation, and film analysis.  Many of the top NFL and collegiate kickers and punters utilize the same techniques Kicking1on1 teaches.

Some of the students we coach are pure punters, some are pure kickers, and others are "combo kickers," those students who wish to focus on mastering all aspects of the kicking game.  

Throughout our instruction, we incorporate various propriety drills and tools used to enhance muscle memory and consistency, as well as physical exercises and stretching routines to develop power, speed, and flexibility.  Frame by frame video analysis is used in each lesson to help our players visualize and learn proper technique and body mechanics, and charting is conducted when appropriate to measure improvement and performance.  Video is an essential tool for us, and the technology employed by Kicking1on1 allows us to video our students and provide them immediate critique and feedback so it can be incorporated on the very next set.  Not only do all of our lessons include video and on demand video analysis, but this video is later emailed to each student so they can continually use it for reference, helping them to further develop their understanding of body mechanics and technique and their aptitude for self-coaching.  

All of Kicking1on1's private lessons are conducted personally with Coach Mike, and although our preference is the private lesson format, Kicking1on1 will accommodate students in a group lesson setting if asked, as long as they are at similar stages in their development.  

****For players unable to make regular private lessons due to proximity or scheduling, Kicking1on1 offers "virtual" private lessons to assist kickers and punters across the country in situations where immediate feedback is needed or a player does not have access to a dedicated kicking/punting coach in their area.  For more information about Kicking1on1's virtual private lessons, please visit our virtual private lesson page.