Testament to our 20+ years experience and involvement in the recruiting process, Kicking1on1's recruiting consulting services have helped place 85% of our senior high school players to major collegiate programs including Nebraska, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Cal, UNLV, and USD.  Our consulting process is proven, time tested, and successful, but 20+ years of experience in the recruiting process has also proven there is only one guarantee: that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to recruiting.  

kicking1on1 and cal kicker franklyn cervenka

kicking1on1 and cal kicker franklyn cervenka

If you have ever wondered why some highly ranked All-American high school kickers/punters never find traction in the collegiate ranks or fail to achieve success in recruiting while others receive multiple collegiate offers, you are not alone.  If you are interested in looking at the recruiting process but have no idea where to start or how the process works, you are in the majority.  At Kicking1on1, we understand the anxiety, uncertainty, and confusion that surrounds much of the recruiting process, especially as it relates to kickers and punters.  We are here to simply the process for you, but more importantly, walk you through the process from start to finish. 

Kicking1on1's recruiting consulting service cannot guarantee kickers/punters collegiate placement, as no service can, but our process will greatly increase the percentage and probability of earning a collegiate scholarship, preferred walk-on, or walk-on opportunity.  Kicking1on1 adheres to a "hands on" approach with recruiting, and we will be right there with you through every step of our process.  We look forward to helping kickers and punters achieve the life changing opportunity that is playing football at the collegiate level!

What Is The Recruiting Process and How Involved Is It

The recruiting process involves marketing and showcasing a kicker and/or punter's talent, strength, skill sets, accomplishments, and future potential to collegiate football coaches and programs in the hopes of earning a collegiate scholarship, preferred walk-on, or walk-on opportunity.  There are several platforms and methods available to showcase and market kickers and punters; some measure them against a defined peer group and others by individual accomplishment.  However, it is important to note that in collegiate recruiting BOTH field and classroom performance matters - players must excel on the football field and in the classroom.  Depending on the player's goal, the recruiting process can be approached in a way that is proportional to their level of commitment. 

Kicking1on1's recruiting consulting service caters both to the players who aspire to the highest level of commitment and dedication and to those whose level of commitment remains reserved.  Kicking1on1 does, however, recommend that players considering the recruiting process approach it with 100% commitment. 

*****Although our consulting service and process often ends in a successful outcome, players and parents should understand that the collegiate recruiting process can initially prove long and arduous, requiring significant time commitments from kickers/punters, their families, coaches, supporters, and friends.  However, it is also an exciting time wrought with opportunity that can end in a life changing event.  

When Is The Best Time To Get Involved In The Recruiting Process

Each kicker/punter's desire to pursue the recruiting process often manifests itself proportional to their development and goals.  In most cases collegiate schools will begin recruiting a kicker/punter during their sophomore year in high school, which is important to keep in mind.  As with most recruiting, the earlier the better, however, the "recruiting process" should be considered as a progressive, ongoing process.  Players can proactively begin to build a foundation prior to or during high school or can take a more passive approach as they develop, and there are methods and merits for both cases.  Kicking1on1 helps our players and their families with this decision and how to approach it, on a case by case basis.  

When Is A Player Good Enough To Be Recruited

Kicking1on1 provides honest evaluations as to whether we believe a player's skill level demonstrates collegiate skill or potential, however we will always advise a player to go for it, with our full support, if that is their goal.  Over the years we have worked with kickers and punters who may not have had the god given talent but outworked their competition and rose to the collegiate ranks.  We have also worked with kickers and punters who have had the god given talent but did not follow up with the work required and did not make it past the high school level.  The point is, we believe EVERY kicker can achieve the dream of playing in college.  Some may play at smaller schools, some at larger schools, but we ALWAYS fully support a player if they have the dream and work ethic to see it through.  Kickers and punters - do not let anyone tell you that "you are not good enough to be recruited."  You are.  It may take more work, but everyone can achieve the goal of playing college ball.

kicking1on1 and stanford kicker conrad ukropina - full scholarship

kicking1on1 and stanford kicker conrad ukropina - full scholarship

There Is No "Silver Bullet" To A Scholarship Or Recruiting Success

As we discuss in depth through our recruiting consultation, there are at least 7 different things, specific to kickers and punters, that must be focused on to increase the chances and probability of being recruited, offered a scholarship, or earning an opportunity as a preferred walk-on or walk-on.  Unfortunately, no "silver bullet" exists to recruiting success.  There is, however, an order of importance in what should be focused on and what has the most impact and importance with collegiate coaches. 

The Biggest Mistake Made In The Recruiting Process

In our experience, the biggest mistake we see made in the recruiting process by players is that they assume they will eventually just "be found."  Not true.  Steps must be taken and a very specific process must be followed by kickers and punters to ensure success in the recruiting process.  We are not found, we are discovered, and there is a process that leads to that discovery.

Kickers And Punters Are Recruited Differently

There is a common misconception in the recruiting process that kickers and punters are recruited like any other position player on the football field.  Kickers and punters are recruited differently than position players; collegiate coaches follow a different schedule in recruiting kickers, punters, and snappers, and use different resources in their process to discover their recruits.   

Academics Are A Priority

Because of the semantics behind recruiting kickers and punters, academic performance is especially important.  Kickers and punters with high GPA's and SAT test scores have more collegiate choices and receive more attention from collegiate coaches.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true, and kickers and punters who do not focus on classroom performance are doing a disservice to their recruiting efforts.  Kicking1on1 places great emphasis on classroom performance as it has an immeasurable affect on the recruiting process.  

Highlight Films And Skills Video

Paramount to success in recruiting is the production of a great highlight film, one that quickly draws and maintains a collegiate coach's attention.  In many cases, and especially early in the recruiting process, a kicker/punter's highlight film will be one of their greatest recruiting assets and should be produced to showcase a kicker/punter's ability pursuant to how they are marketing themselves.  There is a specific formula and approach to proper highlight film production that will significantly increase the film's impact with collegiate coaches.  Highlight films can be produced specifically with game film, a combination of game film and skills video, or solely with skills video when insufficient game film is available to showcase a kicker/punter's ability.  Skills video includes any video that is not game film, usually shot during a workout or camp, designed to showcase specific aspects of a kicker/punter's ability.

Classifications: Scholarship Player, Preferred Walk-On, Walk-On

There are three player classifications in which kickers and punters can receive offers in the recruiting process: scholarship player, preferred walk-on, and walk-on.  A brief description, below.  Please note there are specific nuances and differences between preferred walk-ons and walk-ons, which we discuss through our consulting service.  

  • Full Scholarships:  The preferred and most sought after situation.  Major Division I-A FBS, Division I-AA FCS, Division II, and NAIA schools offer kickers/punters full or partial scholarships.  Although Ivy League schools and Division III schools do not offer scholarships, other grants and financial aid is available to accommodate student-athletes.  

  • *****Regarding full scholarships - there is a common misconception that players receive a "4 year scholarship" or "5 year scholarship."  This is not so. Scholarships are awarded and implemented on an annual basis and are renewed each season.  Although a player's scholarship is almost always automatically renewed, it is important to know how they are awarded.  

  • Preferred Walk-On:  After a collegiate scholarship, the next best situation.  As a preferred walk-on, collegiate coaches are guaranteeing a spot on the team.  This is especially important in football, as football has a roster limit during part of the year. Between the start of fall camp and the first regular season game (or the start of school, whichever comes first), collegiate teams are limited to 105 players on the roster.  Preferred walk-ons secure a spot on that roster.  Preferred walk-on opportunities are also offered to kickers and punters in situations where the school may not have scholarship money available.  Kickers and punters can still earn scholarships after spending a few years as preferred walk-ons.
  • Walk-On:  Kickers and punters offered walk-on positions should celebrate their success and embrace the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.  Many walk-ons (some who turned into NFL greats) over the years earned full scholarships at the collegiate level.  Earning a walk-on spot is an honor and achievement, as collegiate schools recognize the player's skill level and future potential by offering walk-on positions.  The downside to a walk-on offer is that a player's spot on the team is never guaranteed; their roster spot is usually evaluated on a seasonal basis.

Contact Kicking1on1 For Additional Details

For additional information or questions regarding the recruiting process, please contact Kicking1on1 at info@kicking1on1.com or call us at (626) 380-8700.  We are happy to provide an initial free phone consultation to address immediate questions.