La Salle High School

Kicking1on1's relationship with La Salle High School enters its 5th year in 2016, and we are extremely proud to call La Salle High School a partner. Kicking1on1 hosts its private lessons on Sundays at La Salle High School's beautiful Kohost Field facility. 

Founded in 1956, La Salle High School is a Roman Catholic educational community, distinguished by academic excellence, and inspired by the traditions of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.  99% of La Salle High School students matriculate to college, with 89% attending 4 year universities and 36% attending out-of- state universities.   La Salle High School's co-curricular and athletic programs are also quite impressive and diverse.  

La Salle High School:


Wizard Kicking

Wizard Sports Equipment

Kicking1on1 has maintained a relationship with Wizard Sports for almost 20 years, and we are proud to include them as a sponsor.  Founded by Mike Doan in 1984, Wizard Sports is THE go to company for any kicking, punting, or snapping equipment needs.  Kicking1on1 offers its highest endorsement of Wizard Sports.

Wizard Sports began with a convenient football kicking holder, practice target nets, and practice football kicking nets.  Over the years the company has become nationally known for quality special teams products along with its fast delivery (which Kicking1on1 staff and students can attest to - lightening fast delivery).  Wizard Sports has expanded its products offered to include kicking shoes, kicking nets, kicking tees, footballs, Wizard Solo-Snap snapping target, kicking accessories, Douglas snapper and kicker shoulder pads, field equipment, custom football bags, sports therapy products, and much more.

Mike Doan, owner of Wizard Sports  was a kicker himself, earning All-American honors as a kicker his college senior year.  Please contact Wizard Sports for any and all of your equipment needs.

Wizard Sports Equipment:  1-888-964-5425 /



Kicking1on1 is proud to call iOgrapher a sponsor, as it is the company that has made our on demand video analysis technology possible.  Through our relationship with iOgrapher, our students have vastly improved and have seen enhanced success on the field.  Kicking1on1 also uses the iOgrapher for much of its highlight film creation.

iOgrapher, in its different variations, is the first all purpose film making case for many different versions of tablets, iPads, and iPhones.  Made from high grade polycarbonate, iOgrapher is extremely tough and durable enough to withstand any shooting environment - from your high school football game, your kids' birthday party to that pro shoot you may be prepping for your next big film.  iOgrapher also makes available a select variety of lenses and tripod stands.




Our Kicking1on1 students often ask us how to strengthen their legs and increase their leg speed.  While we do have recommended weight training and stretching programs for our students, one of the best ways to increase leg strength and speed is through exercising fast twitch muscle fibers with speed training.  For that, we turn to some of the best in the business at Z-Athletics, who have build an impressive reputation in sports training.

We are proud to include Z-Athletics as a partner and offer our highest recommendations.  For more information contact Z-Athletics Director Chris Zubia at





Kicking1on1 earned a sponsorship with Gatorade in 2014, and we are proud to continue our relationship with Gatorade into 2015.  We look forward to bringing Gatorade's vast resources, experience, and knowledge to our students to continually enhance their performance. 


Kicking1on1 ardently supports and appreciates as a great resource for kickers/punters across the country, and we are proud to call them an affiliate/partner.  The network was founded in early 2002 by Doug Brien, Tommy Barnhardt, and Brion Hurley to establish and provide upcoming kickers and punters with all the tools and resources they need to be the best they can be.  The staff has worked tirelessly for the last 13 years to create a network community that benefits kickers and punters.  Please visit 


Shaw Moses Mendenhall & Associates Insurance Agency

Head Instructor Coach Mike MacGillivray's Insurance firm, Kicking1on1 is proud to include Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall & Associates as a new partner/sponsor in 2015.  Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall & Associates is an independent insurance agency in South Pasadena, California where Coach Mike works as a commercial and personal lines insurance broker.

Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall & Associates Insurance Agency: