conrad ukropina, stanford kicker/punter

conrad ukropina, stanford kicker/punter

"Coach Mike is straight up the man.  He dramatically improved all three facets of my game since lesson one.  Kickoff wise, Mike tweaked all my fundamentals to fully utilize my size, speed, and body type, covering everything from the approach, plant foot depth, hurdle, and finish (In a camp over the summer, I hit an 83 yard, 4.31 hang-time kickoff using Mike's approach).  Field goal wise, I moved from kicking off a tee to the ground between my junior and senior seasons.  For most, this takes years and years to master, but with Mike's simple drills and formula I was hitting better balls off the ground than on a tee in less than two months (I hit multiple field goals from 60+ yards this summer).  My punting is a hundred steps ahead of where I was before I started training with Coach Mike.  Coach Mike's punting style is quick to master and extremely efficient, a technique that I picked up in merely a few months (using Mike's approach, I now can hit punts 60+ yards with 5.0+ hang-time).  If kicking in high school or college is one of your goals, START TRAINING WITH KICKING1ON1 NOW!"

--Conrad Ukropina, current Stanford Kicker/Punter, former Loyola High School All-American Punter/Kicker


"Our son, Conrad Ukropina, a senior at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, has been actively training with Mike on punting, kick-offs, and field goals.  Conrad considers Coach Mike an excellent trainer of basic and advanced techniques, and he has improved immensely due to Coach Mike's guidance.  Mike is patient and cares about each of his students.  I have recommended many other parents and students to Mike, and they have all been very pleased with his training methods.  Conrad has been offered Division 1 Football Scholarships, and Mike's training was instrumental in him obtaining these offers."

--Bill Ukropina, father of current Stanford Kicker/Punter and former Loyola High School All-American Conrad Ukropina


ryan belden, university of san diego all-conference punter

ryan belden, university of san diego all-conference punter

"I've been training with Kicking1on1 for about three years now, and I have seen tremendous improvement in my kicking game.  Coach Mike's unique method of training has enabled me to take my kicking to the next level.  His techniques have molded me into a technically sound, confident kicker.  Kicking1on1 has advanced myskills in all three aspects of the kicking game, punting, field goals, and kick-offs.  Also, Kicking1on1 has provided me with multiple tedious kicking drills that have contributed to my success.  Kicking1on1 holds quality kicking lessons, and if you are serious about kicking, I highly recommend Kicking1on1!  Join Kicking1on1 now!"

--Ryan Belden, University of San Diego All-Conference Punter, Former Diamond Bar High School Kicker/Punter


"Coach Mike, I want to thank you for working with my son, Ryan.  He has developed into a much better punter and kicker during the time he has spent with you.  Your attention to detail in all aspects of kicking has led to his marked improvement.  You not only teach the kicking aspect of the game but help in the mental aspect as well.  You have the ability to connect with young men at a level they can relate to.  I look forward to Ryan's continued progress as the punter at the University of San Diego.  Thank you, Coach Mike, for being instrumental in Ryan's success on and off the field."

--Orrin Belden, Father of University of San Diego All-Conference Punter and Former Diamond Bar High School Kicker/Punter Ryan Belden



jack basalari, usc punter

jack basalari, usc punter

"As a soccer player, I stepped in to kick for my JV Football team during my sophomore year and loved it.  I began working with Coach Mike my junior year in hopes that, with the right training, I might earn a chance to continue kicking in college.  I initially focused on kicking, but Coach Mike encouraged me to work on my punting too.  By my senior year, I could reliably hit field goals inside the 50 off the ground, and my punting was attracting college recruiters.  Coach Mike not only gave me the training and techniques I needed, but he also encouraged me to believe in my ability to achieve my goals.  Coach Mike is an inspiring role model.  His advice during the recruitment process was invaluable.  I am so happy I get to continue punting at USC! Thank you Coach Mike!"

-Jack Basalari, USC Punter/Kicker, former Maranatha High School Punter/Kicker


"Coach Mike taught Jack the skills needed to make the leap from High School to D-1 Collegiate Football.  With punting, this means techniques regarding the snap, the drop, get-off time, and directional, Aussie, and Rugby style punting.  As a kicker, thanks to Coach Mike's instruction, Jack effortlessly transitioned to kicking off the ground.  Jack began training with Coach Mike as a High School Junior.  Under Coach Mike's tutelage, one year later, Jack's punting and kicking had developed to the point where he was being recruited nationally, including multiple Ivy League schools.  Coach Mike supported Jack throughout the recruitment process with advice on everything from his highlight film to how to discern genuine interest from colleges.  Recruitment is a fickle process, but with Coach Mike's support, Jack finished with a fairy tale ending, as a punter for USC!"

--Tony Basalari, Father of USC Punter/Kicker, Jack Basalari


"My son, Franklyn Cervenka, began training with Mike prior to his junior season of high school.  Franklyn worked hard with Mike and by the end of his senior season, Franklyn was ranked in the top 25 nationally by Chris Sailer, was given multiple kicking awards, and subsequently accepted a scholarship to kick for Wagner College, a Division 1 AA football program in New York.  Part of Franklyn's success is without a doubt due to the outstanding private coaching he received from Mike.  

Mike's effective coaching style is positive, patient, and extremely knowledgable.  Whether your player is just beginning or is preparing to compete on the collegiate level, Mike will take their kicking to the next level and substantially improve their skills.  I highly recommend Mike as a coach for his ability, professionalism, and most importantly, his outstanding character!"

--John Cervenka, father of (update) current CAL kicker and former Wagner College kicker Franklyn Cervenka


herbie barber, west regional punt, pass, kick champion

herbie barber, west regional punt, pass, kick champion


"Herbie has grown and matured beyond belief under the instruction of Coach Mike!"

--Herbert W. Barber, father of 10 year old Punt, Pass, and Kick West Regional Champion Herbie Barber



"A friend recommend Mike MacGillivray when we told him we wanted to learn more about field goal kicking, kick-offs, and punting.  At the time, my son could not reliably make a PAT, let alone a field goal.  That was one year ago.  Today, my son reliably kicks 35-40 yard field goals - after just one year of instruction from Coach MacGillivray, my son is now "money" on PAT's and anything from 35 yards in.  We also expect to improve and have set goals with Coach MacGillivray to do just that.  We are delighted with the help we have received from Mike MacGillivray.  The coaching is encouraging, technical, and yields results.  We recommend Coach Mike without qualification to anyone who has a desire to learn how to kick, or who has a desire to take his kicking game further than it is."

--John Barger, father of San Marino High School kicker Chris Barger