The use of on-demand video and video analysis is paramount to our student's success, and Kicking1on1 uses on-demand video technology in every private lesson, camp, and group event.

Frame by frame video analysis allows our players to better visualize and learn proper technique and body mechanics.  The video technology employed by Kicking1on1 allows us to film our students and provide them immediate critique and feedback so it can be incorporated on the very next set.  Not only do our private lessons include on-demand video and video analysis, but these videos can also be emailed to our students after the lesson so they can continually watch them for reference, further helping them understand technique and helping them further develop their aptitude for self-coaching.

Kicking1on1 Head Instructor Mike MacGillivray discusses how he uses the iPad and the iOgrapher Mobile Media Case in tandem with the Coach's Eye App to meet his coaching needs. Coach Mike demonstrates the iOgrapher in a live application to illustrate its effectiveness in providing his students on demand video analysis and describes how essential the iOgrapher is to his student's further development and success.

Kicking1on1 dedicates a tremendous amount of time to the development of our student's aptitude for self-coaching as it is essential to their continued evolution and success.  In most practice and game situations, kickers and punters do not have a coach by their side to help diagnose fundamental or technical issues that may suddenly materialize.  Our on demand video technology and ongoing education through film review helps teach our students to diagnose fundamental or technical issues by understanding the relationship between how their technique looks and the three sensory tools in which they have to diagnose:  how did the kick feel, how did the kick sound, and what did the ball flight look like.  Matching the relationship between these three sensory tools can only be taught through extensive video review and education. 

Kicking1on1 would like to thank one of our primary sponsors, iOgrapher, for their help in setting up our video technology.  Their support and technology has made a world of difference in our student's development.

Kicking1on1 was honored to appear in a promotional video for iOgrapher, shown on the right, above.

We would also like to thank TechSmith for their technology and support.


Kicking1on1 Working With The iOgrapher

Sample Video Analysis Using The iOgrapher