Kicking1on1's "virtual" private lessons assist kickers and punters across the country in situations where players cannot make a physical lesson due to proximity or scheduling, immediate feedback is needed, or a player does not have access to a dedicated kicking/punting coach in their area.  All virtual private lessons are hosted and conducted with Kicking1on1 Head Instructor Mike MacGillivray and can be accommodated to work around the player's schedule, providing analysis and critique of their team practice, individual workout, or game film.  Our virtual private lessons encompass other aspects of The Kicking Game including discussions on recommended equipment, handling specific special teams schemes and coverages, stretching and weight room tips, crafting and managing on or off-season workout schedules, or just about anything relating to the kicking game.  

Virtual private lessons are customized depending on student preference: they can be conducted "webinar style," online in real time, or offline, where video and/or correspondence is sent via email.  Both on and offline virtual private lessons include a phone call with Coach Mike prior to and after the lesson, so Coach Mike understands the player's concerns prior to the lesson and can follow up to address any questions after the lesson. 

Webinar Style Virtual Private Lessons In "Real Time" - $50.00

Kicking1on1 virtual "real time" private lessons are conducted via webinar, online, for 30 minute time periods and are hosted by Kicking1on1 Head Instructor Mike MacGillivray.  A day prior to the virtual lesson, Coach Mike will touch base with the player to schedule a specific time for the lesson the following day, discuss lesson details including what the player would like to cover, and provide instructions on how to log onto the webinar.  For video analysis, Kicking1on1 asks players to send in their film a day prior to the lesson so it can be pre-loaded into our software.  All discussion, game review, or video analysis is "real time," much like a Skype, ooVoo, or Facetime call.  "Real time" virtual private lessons are also used to discuss equipment, how to handle unique special teams situations during the season, weekly workouts, practice routines, suggested drills, and the recruiting process.  Our software allows Coach Mike to provide appropriate links/websites, videos, and other documentation relevant to the topic being discussed.  Player's parents are welcome (and encouraged) to join the virtual private lessons if they so choose.  To schedule a "real time" private virtual lesson or to find out more information, please email us at  

Offline Virtual Private Lesson - $50.00

For players unable to participate in "real time" webinar style virtual private lessons, Kicking1on1 offers "offline" virtual lessons, hosted by Kicking1on1 Head Instructor Mike MacGillivray.  Kicking1on1 players most often use offline virtual private lessons for video analysis of their practice, game, or workout film, as well as how to further improve and/or work on their current technique.  Prior to each "offline" virtual lesson, Coach Mike will call the player to set the lesson time, discuss lesson details, and provide instructions on how to send the video to Kicking1on1.  After analyzing the player's video, Coach Mike will send the video back to the player and again set up a call to review the video analysis, answer any questions, and provide feedback on appropriate course of action based on the analysis.  To schedule an "offline" private virtual lesson or to find out more information, please email us at  To view examples of our video analysis software and style, please reference the videos below.   


Kicking1on1 Sample Analysis and Instructional Videos